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With 40+ years in the music industry  Brian Frank is somewhat of an enigma. Sharing the stage with such heavy hitters as REM, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Slash, Page and Plant, Frampton and the list goes on. Playing concerts across Europe, Russia, Canada and the USA. Performing to crowds as large as 40,000. Brian has had a career full of ups and downs.


We could say that his first band was at the age of nine. He has played in Rock,  Folk,  Jazz, and Heavy Metal bands. But every musician has the same kind of story. So here is how it starts...

Hailing from Toronto, Canada Brian Joined his first recording act Rapid Tears in 1977 at the age of 17. Rapid Tears would go on to record two studio records getting rave reviews in Aardschock, Metal Forces and other up and coming metal bibles at the time. Rapid Tears has been credited as one of the first  Canadian Metal band, paving the way for those that would follow. The band disbanded in 1984 but to this day they still have thier share of avid fans.

Brian went on after Rapid Tears playing in diverse bands and touring across Canada for a few years until in 1990 he found his way to Sweden where he paired up with his writing partner Anders "LA" Rönnblom. The pair formed a band called Desert Rain. Desert rain released one record and is credited as the first western rock band to headline a concert in Russia's RED SQUARE to an audience estimated at 40000+.  Desert Rain would later take the name KILLER BEE. Brian and Anders have been together writing in Killer Bee for close to thirty years now. Releasing 7 studio albums, 3 compilations and with 15+ videos under their belt Killer Bee are still going strong.

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